Applying the P.B.S.® advantage to electronics

When it comes to electronics, Abrasive Technology specializes in two areas: CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) and printed circuit boards. In fact, we were the first company to market the P.B.S.® conditioning disk, and today we hold multiple patents in the CMP world. Our conditioning disks operate on all major CMP equipment platforms. We also use P.B.S.® tools for trimming and routing and carbide drills for drilling holes in the boards.

AT products for electronics adhere to the highest performance standards in the industry. Our conditioning disks deliver superior results when measuring removal rate, non-uniformity, defects and lifetime across multiple process applications. We delivered the consistency, performance and efficiency the industry demanded with P.B.S.® braze disks. Our commitment to innovation in electronics continues today–contact us to learn more.