Reputaion For Innovation

A Reputation for Innovation

For more than four decades, Abrasive Technology has been recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of superabrasive grinding wheels and tools. It's a reputation that began with the revolutionary P.B.S.® process, a diamond bonding process that is excellent for machining tough-to-cut, non-metallic materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber composites and Kevlar® brand aramid fiber. This process increases productivity and part consistency simply because it lasts longer, cuts faster, runs cooler and loads less. That's good news for our customers in the aerospace, oil and gas, dental and medical and electronics industries, to name a few.

But it doesn't end there. Our latest patented process is VFlex™ Technology, a solution that consistently produces uniform resin bond diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) wheels up to 12 inches wide in one piece. Once again, the results are impressive and include an increased wheel life of up to 30 percent, uniform density, decreased cost per part versus standard wheels, higher stock removal rates, increased depth-of-cut and elimination of porosity. It's precisely what you've been looking for to solve your latest challenge and take your operations to the next level.

We've Set the Industry Standards

We stand firmly behind our processes, products and custom solutions. That's because our ingenuity and craftsmanship have helped thousands of customers across multiple industries with their diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) abrasive tooling requirements. Need a ready-to-ship diamond tool? Check. Searching for a tool for grinding carbide, a grinding wheel or surface grinder? Check. Looking for a custom solution that will set your business on the fast track to success? Well, we've got that, too. In fact, we're looking forward to the next challenge you send our way.