Process Centered Organization (PCO) & Culture

Abrasive Technology has developed its organizational structure based on Michael Hammer’s concepts of a Process Centered Organization and a unique company culture through development work with the Center for Creative Leadership. Our efforts are summarized in their book, Transforming Your Leadership Culture by Gary Rhodes & John McGuire, recognizing our successful culture transformation.

The PCO is a flat organizational structure with leaders (process engineers and coaches), not managers. Cultivating a Positive and Productive Workplace™ encourages our associates to be involved, innovative, accountable and collaborative. Our associates are committed not only to what they do, but also to our customers. From initial customer contact to customer service, applications engineering, manufacturing, logistics and support; every person on the AT team goes above and beyond to ensure quality craftsmanship, lower costs and faster delivery for our customers.

Abrasive Technology has formed a sister company, Manufacturing with Heart, LLC., to consult and coach other manufacturers. The concepts and lessons learned in AT’s culture transformation and creating its Process Centered Organization are summarized in the book,  Manufacturing with Heart: A Holistic Approach by Loyal Peterman & Tanya Patrella.

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