Applying the P.B.S.® advantage to electronics

Abrasive Technology is a pioneer in CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) conditioners for the semiconductor market. Our world-class manufacturing processes enable us to support custom CMP conditioner configurations of any volume cost effectively. To achieve these successful results, we work with our customers to customize each and every solution. It’s what we do and who we are.

AT was the first company to market the P.B.S.® braze bond CMP conditioning disk and holds multiple patents in CMP technology. Our CMP conditioning products are used globally on all major CMP equipment platforms across all CMP applications including Cu, oxide, STI, tungsten and bare silicon.

AT products for CMP/electronics adhere to the highest performance standards in the industry. Our conditioners deliver superior results when measuring removal rate, non-uniformity, defects and conditioner lifetime. We deliver the consistency, performance and efficiency the global semiconductor industry demands with our P.B.S.® brazed conditioners.

We also provide P.B.S.® tools for trimming and routing circuit board edges for the electronics market.

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