Precision tools–where you need them most

Perhaps nothing defines our commitment to precision more than our dental products. The very nature of dentistry demands it. In fact, we take extra steps to ensure that these products are not only safer, but better balanced and easier to use, just a few more reasons why our dental line is preferred by dentists around the world. From disks and trimming wheels to instruments and files, AT dental products epitomize the high quality, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that make them the number one choice in the industry.

  • Our comprehensive selection of Two Striper® FG tools includes diamond dental burs designed for use in the friction grip high-speed handpiece in virtually all industry shapes and configurations.
  • TS2000™ diamond burs: These aggressive diamond burs are faster cutting and designed for use in the friction grip high-speed handpiece.
  • Shortcut™ diamond burs: These diamond burs feature a shorter shank for use in the friction grip high-speed handpiece when easier access is required.
  • TSZTech: This cutting-edge technology for the removal of zirconium-based restorations has unique diamond characteristics to allow for maximum strength and durability. It features diamond clearance specifically designed to minimize clogging and provide cooler Zirconia material removal.
  • Our laboratory tools include diamond burs for laboratory use designed to fit the laboratory handpiece in multiple shapes and sizes.
  • The Luminescence® polishing kit is a revolutionary single-step product that generates superior polished surfaces on microfilm and hybrid composites, amalgam, precious metals, porcelain and tooth enamel.
  • Our Stainbuster® innovative composite burs are designed to painlessly remove cement, stains, and colored coatings from the surface of the enamel without damaging enamel, ceramics or soft tissue.
  • Snowpost® and Snowlight® posts allow for maximum tooth preservation and minimum canal diameter, resulting in gentler, non-invasive dentistry.
  • Our Carbopost® posts are made of T700 carbon fibers embedded in an epoxy resin matrix. This creates a high-tech product with the shock-absorbing ability of natural tooth–exactly what metal posts lack. They are used for all composite restorative systems.
  • Compo-Disc® finishing disks open proximal contacts and smooth and finish proximal restorations, while Compo-Strip® finishing strips are ideal for interproximal trimming.


From the dental office to the factory, Prodia® is the brand of choice.

Driven by the ingenuity and precision that characterizes everything we do, the unique electroplating process makes Prodia® tools economical, dependable and long-lasting. Available in a wide assortment of shapes and grits (from fine to extra coarse).

  • Our tools are available in HP, FG and Spiral FG, and the most popular shank sizes.
  • Burs are available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Our economical electroplated diamond tools can be used in a standard or high-speed rotary handpiece.

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