Setting the industry standard in lapidary and glass work products

Our Crystalite® products for lapidary and glass work are the preferred choice of both professionals and hobbyists throughout the world. They know that Abrasive Technology's revolutionary P.B.S.® process clearly sets our products apart from what our competitors can provide. Quite simply, they are the best diamond cutting, grinding and polishing tools available–and with a selection that is unsurpassed.

  • Diamond Wheels: We offer aggressive diamond plated and diamond metal bond wheel brands like Crystalring®, Diamondback™, Turbine Wheel®, Spherical Miracle™ and Crystalmet™. The Spherical Miracle™ wheel makes it possible to grind a spherical depression in your workpiece, and it's designed for high visibility at the cutting point.
  • Diamond Discs: The following brands of discs are optimized for fast, precise faceting and cabbing: The Standard™, Crystalmet™, Channel Disc™, Ripple Disc™, Dot Disc™ and Solid Steel Discs. The Standard™ diamond discs, which are used by commercial cutters worldwide, are designed to exceed even the most rigid requirements, with backs that are ground flat and parallel to exacting standards. But the uniquely shaped Channel Disc™ tool, with its work surface of randomly interspaced islands, performs especially well for rough cutting facets and grinding cabochon backs.
  • Diamond Saw Blades: Our Primecut™, Royalcut™, and Starcut™ blades, along with the Diamond Wire Saw, boast a long life and are well-suited to slabbing and cutting semiprecious stones. They're available in a full range of sizes from 4-inch to 36-inch diameters. The sintered metal bond blade on the Royalcut™ tool provides continuous cutting action with reduced chipping. The Primecut™ blade cuts faster, runs truer, and lasts longer than any other blade we offer.
  • Polishing Pads: Our Pre-Polish Crystalpad™ brand pads and Final Polish Crystalpad™ brand pads, which are used with diamond compound, not only prevent undercutting but also produce a desired finish on nearly all lapidary stones. On the other hand, Polypad™ brand pads are used with conventional polishing powders–not with diamond compound. Both are engineered to eliminate orange peel and undercutting. And our Flexo-Pad™ Kit includes discs, pads and shaft adapters.
  • Polishing Media: We make our micro-fine diamond available in a spray, powder, compound or slurry to suit your needs.
  • Diamond Belts and Handpads: The Crystalbelt™ diamond belt is a resin-treated fabric product used to smooth and polish gems. When paired with our Crystalube™ lubricant, they can run in either direction, producing a polishing job that is second to none.
  • Diamond Drills and Core Drills: These drills are specially designed to flush away debris for easier drilling and faster cutting. The Triple Ripple™ drill has twice the life and cutting rate of a standard diamond drill and is available in a range of sizes from .75 to 2.1 mm.
  • Machines: We offer grinder/polishers and corresponding kits to suit your needs. The CrystalMaster™ 6 Plus machine is both economical and easy to use and is well-suited to first-time buyers and hobbyists; the CrystalMaster™ 8 machine works best for large workpieces, flats, cabochon backs and inlay work; the CrystalMaster™ Pro 12 machine is clearly for the professional; and the Ringleader™ machine features a built-in re-circulating water system with submersible pump and adjustable water value.
  • Carving Tools: Crystalite® Diamond Point™ cutting tools take advantage of the benefits of our P.B.S.® process. The result is a longer life, fast cutting tool that maintains a precise tool shape. You'll notice the difference in Diamond Point™ tools (1/16 Shank, 3/32 Shank, and 1/8 Shank) and Diamond Point™ kits.
  • Special Forms: AT offers special forms to design special shapes.
  • Polishing Laps: Our comprehensive selection of laps for precise faceting includes the following tools and brands: Miracle Lap™, Oxy-Lap™, Tin Lap, Ceramic Lap, Master Lap™, Last Lap™, Cablap™ and Double Cablap™, Phenolic Lap, Flexible Diamond Laps, Miniflex™, Mini-Flexodisc™ Kit, Thin-Flex™, Thin-Flex™ Kit and Corecab™. The Cablap™ and Double Cablap™ brands are special grooved, hard fiber phenolic laps that are ideal for the final shaping and polishing of garnet, sapphire,and ruby.
  • Accessories: This lineup of must-have items for special needs includes Dressing Sticks, Crystalcut™ additive, Disc Protector™ tool, Flexodisc™ tool, Foam Pads, Shaft Adapters, Mandrels, Crystalube™ lubricant, Expanding Drums, Retro-fit Water Supply Kit, Moffatt Lamp, Submersible Pump, and a book about how to use diamond abrasives to cut gemstones. Crystalcut™ water additive and rust inhibitor can be used with diamond wheels, saw blades and discs, while Crystalube™ lubricant is a silicone oil extender fluid that is used with diamond compound and as a cutting lubricant.

Lapidary/Crystalite® Catalog

Crystalite® Catalog