Working with stone doesn't have to be hard

From marble flooring to granite countertops. Concrete to terrazzo. Any time you're shaping edges and grinding special forms, turn to our tools for the everyday jobs you encounter in your shop–grinding, shaping, honing, polishing and buffing. Their unusually aggressive characteristics make them especially suitable for use in high-production environments. They were made to work hard and to do the work right the first time&ndash ;without the need for rework. Once again, AT's highly specialized P.B.S.®system makes it possible to achieve smooth edges and finishes on even the toughest stone. And with next-day delivery, we make it easy to access the finest tools for the job.

  • Edge Shaping: These aggressive tools are well-suited for high production environments: Metal Bond Cupwheels, Routers and Form Wheels, CNC Edging System, P.B.S.® Countertop Tools and In-line Edge Calibrator.
  • Edge Polishing: With products and brands like Shine-X™, Super-Diashine™, Straight-Edge™, Super-Edge™, Diamond Handpads and Diamond Strips, you can produce a high quality finish. Our well-known brands of resin discs, including Straight-Edge™, Super-Edge™ and Super-Edge 5 Step™, are dependable, long-lasting industry leaders that work well on all stones.
  • Surface Polishing: Count on our products to restore or create high-gloss factory finishes on large surfaces. The Slabmaster™ system permits diamond polishing on any radial arm machine; Genesis™ diamond discs and pads grind, hone and polish a wide variety of surfaces; and Drainboard™ tools are specially designed for shaping and polishing granite drainboards.
  • Floor Polishing: We offer a selection of grits to grind, hone, and polish stone floors. The Floormaster™ brand is made thick to last and formulated to be aggressive to get the job done, whether you're working on marble, limestone or granite floors. The Floor-Shine™ discs are superb for achieving a high-gloss shine on abrasive stone floors such as terrazzo and travertine. Baby-Rok™ discs, which are designed for surface grinding, do their job on everything from glass and stone to composites and concrete. Available in many diameters, they can be used wet or dry.
  • Buffing: When combined with Dia-Glo™ buffing components, our Felt Buffing Discs achieve a high-gloss finish on any stone color or composition.
  • Shaping: We provide everything you need for scarfing, shaping, defurring, feathering and finishing stone surfaces and edges-Super-Rok™ diamond discs, Genesis™ diamond discs and pads, Baby-Rok™ discs, Diamond Handpads and Belts and Tek-Lok™ diamond discs.
  • Accessories: To complete your stone finishing system, we offer Backplates, Pads for Belts, Hook & Loop pads and sheets and Snail Lock backing plates and aluminum holders.
  • Custom Edging & Special Grinding: From anchor slotters to special moldings, we design and manufacture a wide array of special solutions that make use of your existing machinery to perform the most exacting and precise work, while simplifying your fabrication process and reducing your labor costs.

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