Resin Bond

Resin Bond

Known for their high cutting efficiency, AT's resin bonded superabrasives can be used in both dry and wet grinding.

  • Custom-designed bonds to meet the most stringent requirements in production grinding atmospheres.
  • Latest polymer technology for resistance to heat when dry and wet grinding.
  • Extensive bond technology to meet the changing market needs of exotic materials coming of age in the cutting tool market place.
  • Available with technology for the most difficult roughing applications to the finest grinding applications needing a mirror finish.


Our patented VFlex® technology consistently produces resin bond diamond and cBN wheels up to 12" wide in one piece. The VFlex® process also increases wheel density and virtually eliminates deviation in hardness throughout the entire abrasive section. Measurable improvements include:

  • A computer-controlled process produces identical wheels each time they're made, providing consistent and predictable wheel performance.
  • Up to 30% increase in wheel life.
  • Higher stock removal rates (up to +.020"/pass).
  • Increased depth-of-cut.