PCD/PCBN Tooling

PCD/PCBN Tooling

Abrasive Technology has years of experience to help you choose the best diamond types and quality to match your tooling needs. Our highly qualified design engineers can custom design a tool to fit your exact specifications. We offer single-point dressing tools, profile/blade dressers, impregnated dressers, multi-point dressers, chisel and cone profile tools, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) form dressers, PCD cutting tools, PCD combination tools, PCBN (polycrystalline CBN) cutting tools and wear parts and PCBN/natural diamond cutting tools.

PCD cutting tools are as abrasion resistant as natural diamond tools and are much tougher. The diamond layer consists of diamond particles that are randomly oriented and do not have any cleavage planes or soft wear directions. PCD tools are recommended to machine non-ferrous and very abrasive materials. They have the capacity to out-produce carbide tools 10 to 100 times. AT manufactures PCD tooling for all turning, boring, and milling applications. Cutting tools and inserts of any make can be tipped with PCD sections. AT either supplies the complete tool or tips customers' new tools or inserts. PCD sections are available in three grades: fine (for finishes less than 15 micro inches), medium (for standard finishes), and coarse (for very abrasive materials). These tools are recommended for use with metallic, non-metallic and plastic materials.

PCD combination tooling is designed to meet each customer's specific application and is well-suited to machining non-ferrous materials, including high silica aluminum and other materials. In addition, the following features apply:

  • Combines several tool operations in one pass.
  • Uses a diamond cutting edge for high precision.
  • Reduces downtime with long life.
  • Reduces number of machining stations.
  • Reduces tooling stock holding.
  • Provides tamperproof tooling.
  • Ensures high component consistency.

AT also features PCBN cutting tools for all turning, boring and milling applications, as follows:

  • Brazed tipped PCBN tools and inserts.
  • Solid inserts with PCBN in a ceramic binder throughout the insert, or a full face 1/32" (1.787 mm) thick layer on a carbide substrate.

In addition, AT's natural diamond cutting and burnishing tools are ideally suited to achieve reflective finishes on metallic surfaces, transparent finishes on plastics, and less than 8 micro-inch on other compatible materials such as contact lenses, interocular lenses and copy machine drums.


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