Leading the way with plated CBN technology for turbine engine components

Abrasive Technology is a leading supplier of high-precision products for the top aircraft engine manufacturers in the world and a leading supplier of land-based turbines. This includes high-precision electroplated form wheels for grinding turbine blades and other engine components, as well as electroplated clearance control coatings designed to improve engine performance.

AT has more than 25 years of experience designing and working with clearance control coatings. Regardless of the engine type or engine component, we can help with everything from blades and seal teeth to IBRs. Our experience makes us exceptionally qualified to supply the coating, design the coating and provide start-up assistance for coating facilities.

We use plated CBN grinding technology for the manufacture of aircraft engine components and land-based turbine engine components. Lean manufacturing necessitates shorter production runs, and plated CBN wheels are the number one choice for close tolerance form grinding applications in this environment. With expertise like this, it's no wonder we can help you with nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, titanium alloys and other tough material removal applications.

When it comes to CBN components, we handle everything from entrapment plating facility design to compliance requirements and repair service. We can take care of all your military or commercial needs related to turbine engine tooling and grinding solutions (both air- and land-based). As an established leader in the design and manufacture of diamond tooling for airframe and aerostructure components, Abrasive Technology is well-equipped to handle even your toughest operational needs.

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