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Our form wheels are meticulously crafted for precision, tight tolerance, and complex forms. Tailored for both creep feed and high-speed applications, our wheels stand out for their impressive material removal rates, catering to a plethora of materials including fiberglass and composites.

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Dive deep into the engineering brilliance of Abrasive Technology’s Form Wheels. Born from years of industry expertise, these wheels offer more than just grinding; they represent the epitome of precision and performance. Whether you're dealing with complex geometries or stringent tolerances, our wheels are the perfect fit.

At the core of our Form Wheels lies the promise of extended free cutting ability. This not only ensures higher material removal rates but also significantly reduces the downtime traditionally associated with wheel dressing. Moreover, when pitted against counterparts like vitrified, resin, and metal bonded wheels, our Form Wheels offer a competitive edge with a lower initial cost, without compromising on the performance.

But what truly sets our Form Wheels apart is their versatility. While they excel in standard applications, they're specifically engineered to handle challenging materials. Be it fiberglass, composite materials, or other industrial materials, these wheels are designed to deliver optimal results consistently.

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